Decentraland Onboarding Tutorial

Decentraland Onboarding Tutorial
Decentraland is the metaverse that you can explore and control with your avatar. You’ll be able to travel across its vast landscape and meet people from all over the world who share common interests in this digital paradise on earth–where anything might happen!


To jump-start your journey in the Decentraland Metaverse, you will need a few things.

  • A laptop or PC
  • A graphics card (optional)
  • A Metamask (no $$ required)


STEP 1: Log Into

Log into the Decentraland gaming platform and easily explore your new virtual world.

From your browser, navigate to

STEP 2: MetaMask

To access the Decentraland (DCL) blockchain, connect your MetaMask wallet and create a new one for security purposes. You can use this whenever you play, so it’s unnecessary to have an account or token in advance!

STEP 3: Pick Your Name

Choose a name. Remember, ” Your name is your brand. Make it count!” You can subscribe to their email list if you like.

STEP 4: Decentraland Marketplace

Create your avatar. You can mix and match skin color, clothes, and many other features. You can also buy clothes (wearables) on the Decentraland Marketplace if you want to fancy them. Oh, la la!

STEP 5: You’ve Arrived in the Virtual World!

Once your avatar is created, click “Done,” and you’ll drop into the genesis area. You can navigate anywhere in DCL (Decentraland) by clicking on the map, finding specific coordinates, typing them in the chat, and then clicking on them.



  • Press A, W, S, or D to move around
  • Press V to toggle between 1st and 3rd person
  • Press Shift to toggle between walking and running
  • Click on the screen to move organically, or press Escape to use your mouse cursor
  • Click your PFP in the top right to open your panel. From here, you got:
    • Explorer (Cool stuff in Decentraland)
    • Backpack (edit your avatar)
    • The Map (For navigation)
    • The Builder (To make stuff – advanced)
    • Settings (adjust graphics)
  • In the bottom left corner, you’ve got Chat, Friends, Emotes
    • You can also press Enter to start chatting
  • The map on the top left opens the DCL map, where you can navigate from


Don’t worry; many people don’t have PCs with graphics cards; if you don’t, Decentraland won’t run super smoothly – It’s a video game, after all. If that’s the case, all you need to do is adjust your graphic settings.



Click your Aviator’s PFP in the top right to get started!


Click Settings


Adjust Load Scene Radius from 4 to 2


Click Graphics


Toggle off “Shadows”


To make the game run more smoothly, consider lowering graphics quality to medium or low. (optional)


Metaverse Decentraland Recap:

Decentraland is a game that allows you to explore, interact with, and create content in a virtual world. The game is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, which means that all of the assets and experiences in the game are stored securely on the blockchain. To play decentraland, you will need to install a decentraland client, such as MetaMask. Once you have installed MetaMask, you will need to fund your account with Ether. Once you have funded your account, you can click on the “Explore” tab in MetaMask and search for “decentraland.” This will take you to the decentraland website, where you can create an avatar and start exploring the world.  Welcome aboard, and have fun!


Wrote by: 0xChris – Ethernut.eth – Twitter @BuyinUpCrypto

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