Decentraland: How It Works And What Is In The Future?

Genesis Plaza - Decentraland

Decentraland is a meta-verse decentralized virtual world that enables users to buy land and create their own Decentraland experience. It’s the first virtual reality platform where you can monetize your content, games, or applications. Decentraland uses Blockchain technology to make transactions safe and transparent while enabling decentralization of power – putting control in the hands of all people who invest in it. It is entirely crypto-based and built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Requirements for Playing

In order to play Decentraland, you require at least 4 GB of memory, a Metamask wallet extension, a quad-core processor, a decent video card, and the right browser (Firefox or Chrome).


For purchasing real estate lots in the game, you require LAND. It is a crypto asset, a non-fungible token (NFT). You need to use MANA to buy land lots and create anything you want. As more people play the game, the game’s economy would develop and so would the value of land similar to real estate in real life. It is possible to build whatever you want on the land.


MANA is a transactional coin that can be used for buying anything you in the virtual world. You can use it in the game to buy collectibles, wearables, and land lots. You can use Uniswap exchange to get MANA and convert other currencies to it.

Log In and Gameplay

A great thing about Decentraland virtual reality is that gamers do not have to download anything besides the Metamask wallet. After you have installed it, all you need to do to enter Decentraland is use your wallet account. The world will allow you to explore different areas, play mini-games, do quests, mine, chat, and make friends.

Claim Your Name

When you start Decentraland, you would not have your real name but a randomly generated name. To claim your name, you require 100 MANA. After you have claimed your name, you even have the option to sell it. For instance, some gamers bought the names of celebrities.

Teleport to Different Areas

To learn how to navigate in Decentraland, you only have to press C on your keyboard. You can use your bottom bar to press buttons for teleporting to a different area, for building, and for quests. You can either use the buttons to jump or walk.

Complete Quests for NFTs

When you first start out on Decentraland, you will need to complete a steampunk-themed quest that requires you to find 5 mechanisms for Anna’s machine. Anna is a woman whose house you will need to search to find the right gears. The quest will give you an NFT upon completion. In the future, the NFT could be worth serious cash.

Play Games, Attend Events, and Purchase Land

There are different areas in Decentraland where you can play games. You also have the option to use MANA to buy land and create your very own museum, shop, or game. The games you play will provide you with NFTs. There are even live events in the game. Thus, Decentraland can be extremely fun to play and make some money by collecting NFTs.



What is the metaverse?

In a broad sense, what technology companies describe in their talk about metaverse includes virtual reality — which is characterized by persistent virtual worlds that remain in existence even when we don’t play.

What is the metaverse used for?

Metaverse is an extremely interactive 3d virtual environment. Users in Metaverse may also exchange land and other digital assets with their personalized avatar.

What is metaverse and how does it work?

While not fully defined, the metaverse is generally considered a network in 3-dimensional virtual worlds in which humans can create, communicate or make social connections with virtual “avatars”. Think of this in the virtual world.

Is the metaverse possible?

If someone asks Meta if there are any metaverses available, it seems that it is ok—it only matters a few days. It’s a huge challenge but technology can overcome them

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