10 Metaverse Blockchain Projects to Lookout for in 2022 | Metaverse web3

The global metaverse market is booming, and it’s no wonder why. With many projects vying for attention in this space there are sure to be some great ones that will make their mark on society soon enough! In our list below we’ve picked out 10 Metaverse Blockchain of those looking especially promising – read more about them here…


Metaverse component technologies exist in some online video games. Initially described as the metaverse by many researchers as being the first of the social networks, the virtual world platform was created in 2003 by Second Life. The user represented in avatars is often regarded in the context as being the first metaverse in the metaverse. The claim of metaverse development is that the Earlier work includes the Active Worlds [16] and the Palace.

Decentraland – Virtual Reality

Earlier adapter Decentraland is a metaverse blockchain project that has it all. From meeting new people to shopping and playing games, this immersive virtual world offers everything you could wish for! With more developers building businesses on top of its extensive list – there’s no telling how high Decentraland web3 metaverse rise will go in the coming months or years.


The Sandbox metaverse is a new decentralized blockchain-based virtual project that one should definitely be aware of. It resembles a highly polished version of Minecraft with its own set-pieces, assets, and tools available for use by users in developing their personal worlds or “sandboxes.” I won’t be surprised if sandbox got acquired in the coming years.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most captivating blockchain projects in recent times. Not only does it have adorable animal-like characters, but players also stand to earn while gaming with this metaverse’s unique monetization model!

Spatial – Virtual World

Spatial is a platform that empowers users to build their own spaces in the metaverse and share them with others. They are able to do this through eye-popping content, tightknit communities, as well as driving meaningful sales for creative works or products from brands who choose it over other platforms

Spacially takes your creativity beyond what you could achieve on any one social media site by letting people enjoy unique experiences within virtual worlds made just for them!

Bigtime – Video Game

The game is about collecting and trading NFTs, but it’s also very much an action RPG with lots of cool loot.


CryptoVoxels is the world for your imagination. It’s an independent, user-owned space that protects the privacy and gives you endless opportunities to create new realities in a digital environment without limitations or restrictions on what can be done with content creation tools.


Otherside wants to be the home of Yuga Labs’ metaverses project – it’s a gamified world that blends mechanics from massively multiplayer online role-playing games into one seamless u Network! The founder of a Otherside, Yuga Olaru raised $450 million in funding for his metaverse project. He describes it as “a decentralized gamified ecosystem where users can create their own avatar and explore an immersive 3D digital space.”

Somnium Space

The project of Somnium space makes use of NFTs provide an exceptional 3D avatar experience. This means that every time you collect a new token, your virtual self will be more realistic and detailed than ever before!

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an exceptional blockchain project that offers the world’s first AAA crypto games, built on top of Solana. With its two tokens -ATLASand POLIS- this metaverse can be yours for all your attention needs!

PAX. World

With a population of over 1 million people and counting, pax.world is quickly becoming one the most popular virtual worlds in existence today – its success can be attributed to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). You’re able to create content here that you monetize when others explore it too!

The future of web3 is here! Be on the lookout for these projects that are shaping how we interact online.



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